babelscribe? Curious?

What’s Babelscribe?

For centuries the scribe has worked at the boundaries of communication, providing the bridge by which the word can pass on, bringing communities of interest together, freeing the mind from the babble of disparate voices.

Babel is taken from the babel fish on Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, (originally a radio drama on Radio 4 UK ) which is a fish that when put into your ear translates languages. Babelscribe transcribes your works for putting out there on the Web.

Starting from paper copy, digital file, or simply an idea that you are mulling over, we can transcribe it into a web reality.

Contact us now to discuss your web site project.


We can occasionally be seen in our tiny Nissan March – the beloved ‘babelbean’ if it’s very wet or we need to go further afield. Other than that we try to walk.

We have hens who nest in the shredded recycled office paper, which then in turn goes to our compost bin and then to our garden. We grow some of our own vegetables and would love to able to grow fruit successfully.

Originally 15 years ago, we came from Scotland, where we lived on the North West Coast growing native trees organically and delivering the local post over Little Loch Broom and hills three times a week. We have 4 awesome children, Jacob, Fin, Indigo and Tarn, and recently our first grandchild, Eli.
Mouli loves to run, play his guitar and is a coastguard volunteer.
Tika loves art, gardening, reading, wandering & would love to travel soon.