Content Management

Once your new site is up and running you will want to be able to change the content yourself using a Content Management System (CMS). Making regular updates is essential for your website because it keeps the content fresh and search engines just love fresh content.

If you haven’t updated your site in a year or more you really should make it a priority. Stale content results in the search engines loosing interest and your position in the search results will slip until you dwell in the abyss that is the pages below the first page.

So what are my options?

Here at babelscribe we have experience of a lot of different Content Management Systems including:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Adobe Contribute
  • CMS Made Simple
  • White Stripe

to name but a few and there are many more out there in the wild.

Which Content Management System should I use?

Our favoured CMS has to be WordPress. In fact we like it so much that we use it for all our sites and yes this site is built using WordPress.

Adobe Contribute has a unique place in that it allows you to edit a site that has no content management system built in so this would be our preferred option for an older site, or one that we inherit, that was not built using such a system.

And the costs?

That depends…… We have found that if we build a site from scratch using WordPress the cost is roughly the same as a site without a content management system. WordPress itself if free and open source so the cost is only the time required  to create a theme for the site and set up all the functionality required.

Converting a non CMS site can be costly but a good option is to use Adobe Contribute to give you editing access to your site. This software costs money but is sometimes cheaper than a conversion to a CMS.