Copywriting for a website is quite a specific skill that couples good writing with an understanding of your business, and customers, as well as an understanding of what search engines are looking for.

That’s a lot to find in one person within your business and we certainly don’t know as much about your business as you do so it is best that copywriting for your site is a joint effort.

  •  You need to capture and hold attention fast.
  • Your web text should use the keywords or phrases which are important for your business.
  • It should also read well.
  • Bulleted points rather than screeds of text which make everyone tired before they start.
  • “Good copy” sells
  • Think about using “read more” links taking your reader to a fresh page, or elevator panels which hide more text, making the site visually cleaner, but leave the text accessible to search engines.
  • Article Writing is a good way to increase your ‘authority’ in your field
  • Images work to visually stimulate interest and are crucial for a good “eye candy” site.

 We can make words work for you!

It’s all about words. Words that mean something to your customers and convey useful information whilst being easy to read and navigate.

It’s really not about writing for search engines. If it works for your customers, search engines will follow.

Web copywriting – not so hot at writing?

We can write your copy for you.

You know your business better than us so you do need to be involved with the content but we can certainly tweak it so it is easy to read, focused and structured in a way that search engines can understand and your human visitors find useful.

Contact us now, we can help your write copy that works

Isn’t it just about Keyword Density?

People obsess about keyword density like its a magic art.

This is what Google said way back in 2006:

“I’d recommend thinking more about words and variants (the ‘long-tail’) and thinking less about keyword density or repeating phrases.” –  Matt Cutt’s from Google

Yes thats what Google have been saying for many years.

More from Google:

“Keyword density is not really a factor. Yes, keywords should be present, but density is not important. Include the keyword but make writing sound natural.”