Firstly, what is a domain?

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have learned about computing at school, so here are some basics for the non-geek. A domain is the unique name that points to your website, for example points to our website. Well, it’s basically just techie-speak for your own unique web address or URL. (Unique Resource Location)

People putting your domain name in the address bar of a browser are immediately directed towards your website. It is unique to you like a limited business name, and ideally should include key words that are important to your business. eg Sometimes it is a good idea to include your locality. eg and often it is recommended that you have several domains, so talk to us.

Does the domain you are thinking of, exist?

Ask us and we’ll search for you…

Buying domains?


  • We can purchase your domains for you, which costs $44.95 plus GST and is an annual fee, which includes securing your name, administration, and renewals

or alternatively,

  • you can choose to register your chosen domains yourself, in which case you are responsible for setting the domain up so it points to your website, as well as admin and renewals etc.

To buy a or . com?

These days .coms are so old school, and sound so American. Google is all about regionalization and locality so if you are in New Zealand be proud of it and declare it with your domain.

A domain will instantly base you in New Zealand and now there is the .nz as well.

We love .nz and you can even remove the www to get a really snappy domain name like

It is a good idea to cover your bases and secure both, ensuring that your competition don’t buy your other domain. It does happen!