Sell Online

We do many flavours of ecommerce the key being flexibility. We will discuss with you exactly what you need, then we will tailor a solution that fits which may be a combination of one or more of the following components.

Order Form

A simple order form on your site that sends an email to you and the customer. Payment can be by bank transfer, cheque, or online credit card.

Shopping Cart

For a more full on shopping experience we can a shopping cart with multiple shipping and payment options. You will have access to stock control, pricing, specials, gift coupons, multiple pricing levels for wholesalers as well as order tracking and management.

In short everything you need to give your customers an easy ecommerce shopping experience.


If your business is responsible for the theft of credit card details due to slack security you might be liable to very large fines so don’t risk it! Don’t hold onto card details within your website and don’t use any credit card systems that are not PCI accredited.

We leave this level of security to the experts so you can be assured that your e-commerce site will not be vulnerable to credit card theft. No card details are held on our servers, and you as the business don’t see them at any point.


Payment options

It is important to give your customers an easy way to pay or they will move on. Having to send a cheque or wait to hear the full cost of their order will make them go where they can buy online in one easy process.

  • Paypal, Paymate, Kiwipay
    These all offer online credit card payments without the need for a merchant bank accounts. They take a commission from each transaction and download the balance to your bank. These are sometimes a bit limited in what they can offer you in terms of reporting etc but they can be cheaper if you don’t do a lot of online business but the commission can make it expensive if you do a lot of online business.
    More: Paypal, Paymate, Kiwipay
  • Paystation, DPS
    Two examples of secure credit card payment systems that integrate with your merchant bank account in a slick and seamless way. There are set monthly charges and many other useful offerings such as repeat payments for subscriptions, and pre-authorized payments which are ideal for accommodation businesses that don’t want to charge the card until the end of the stay but want the card details to secure the booking.
    More: Paystation, DPS
  • Internet banking
    It is useful to offer this option for folk that don’t use credit cards. Your online shop sends them your bank details and the order is “unconfirmed” until their money appears in your bank account and you manually approve the purchase.