Environmental Policy

We vote Green, and try to be green where we can.

We shred all our used office paper and use it as bedding for our hens, Shen, Rima, Wu and Ba. Then it goes into the compost bin and into our garden, where we attempt to grow some food, tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, herbs, chillies etc and flowers too as they are good for the heart!

Our car, affectionately known as the bean, is a Nissan March, tiny cute as a button, much ridiculed by our youngest child, perhaps because it is a squeeze to ferry his drum kit on the odd occasion required. The Bean however hardly uses fuel, another reason we love it. We walk where we can.

Working from home also helps on a resource level.

Prior to New Zealand we lived for 15 years on the beautiful northwest coast of Scotland, on the Loch of a thousand winds, Little Loch Broom and grew approximately 50,000 organic, local provenance trees, which more than covers our carbon footprint for hosting our websites on our powerful servers.

We were off the grid and had windmill power & water from our well.

Still, here in Picton we could definitely improve so will be looking into more ways we can help.

How many trees does it take to offset the carbon footprint of a typical website?

Every website is stored on a computer somewhere, and that computer is using energy, and therefore producing carbon.

We calculated that a website produces less than 0.01 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, which can be offset by planting 0.01 of a tree per year. A tree per website more than covers the life of a website, so so far we are in credit!

We also sponsor the hosting of environmental sites :
Plastic Bag Free Picton & Guardians of the Sounds