Website Hosting

Website Hosting is basically space which you pay for to have your site live and available on the internet ie. space on the internet. We can host your website or you may choose us to build your site, and you are free to host with whoever you wish.
Beware: “Free” hosting offers, while tempting, tend to be covered in advertising and can be very unreliable.

We have a range of hosting packages and can tailor make one to suit if your requirements lie outside our standard offerings.

All prices are excluding GST which is payable by New Zealand clients


This is our cheapest package costing only $16.50 a month, or only $12.50 if you pay 6 months in advance. Unlimited email accounts. 200(Mb) Disc space.


Designed for the serious business website, this package includes added security and monitoring features as well as updates to core files and plugins. If there is a problem with your site we are notified within 15 mins so we can get onto it before you even now there is a problem.

We include two powerful security modules that block hacking attempts and watch for unauthorized file changes etc.

For full information on the babelBusiness Hosting Plan see these downloadable documents:

and this download explains why you really should be on the babelBusiness Website Hosting package:

Babelscribe servers

Your website will be hosted on fast, commercial Linux servers based on New Zealand soil, offering fast download times and wide band width.

Using these servers allows us to offer the best in hosting features to our clients.

For those with a technical bent here are some of what lies under the hood:

  • housed in a secure data centre in New Zealand
  • regular off site backups
  • SSL encryption available for mail and web servers
  • unlimited POP3 email accounts, email forwarders and aliases
  • antivirus & antispam software
  • unlimited subdomains and parked domains
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, mSQL database support
  • PHP5 support
  • Perl and Server Side Includes (SSI) support
  • Javascript and Java applet support